Direct extrusion or Forward extrusion

Direct Extrusion or Forward Extrusion
The equipment consists of a cylinder or container into which the heated metal billet is loaded. One end of the container, the die plate with necessary opening is fixed. From the other end plunger or ram compresses the metal billet against the container walls and die plate, thus the forcing it to flow of metal in the forward direction through the die opening.
Acquiring the shape of the opening the extruded metal is then carried by the metal is then carried b the metal handling system as it comes out of the die. A dummy block which is a steel disc of about 40mm thick with a diameter slightly less than container is kept between the hot billet and the ram to protect it form heat and pressure. In direct extrusion, the problem of friction prevalent because of the relative motion between heated metal billet and cylinder walls. To reduce this friction lubricants are to be used. To reduce the damage to equipment, extrusion is finished quickly and the cylinder is cooled before further extrusion.

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