Nomenclature of Single point cutting tool

Nomenclature of single point cutting tool:
The single point cutting tool has only one cutting point or edge. These tools used for turning, boring, shaping or planning operations. These tools used on lathe, boring and shaper machines.

A single point cutting tool consists of a sharpened cutting part and the shank and main parts or elements which are:
1: Shank
It is the main body of the tool.
2: Flank:
The surface or surfaces below the adjacent to the cutting edge is called flank of the tool.
3: Face
The surface on which the chip slides is called the face of the tool.
4: Heel
It is the intersection of the flank and the base of the tool.
5: Nose
It is the point where the side cutting edge and end cutting edge intersect.
6: Cutting Edge
It is the edge on the face of the tool which removes the material from the work piece. The cutting edge consists of the side cutting edge(major cutting edge) and cutting edge(minor cutting edge) and the nose.

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