Press working terminology

Press Working Terminology:
A simple cutting die used for punching and blanking operation as shown:

1: Bed:
The bed is the lower part of the press frame that serves as a table to which a
Bolster plate is mounted.
2: Bolster Plate:
This is a thick plate secured to the press bed , which is used for locating and
supporting the die assembly. It is usually 5 to 12.5 cm thick.
3: Die Set:
It is unit assembly which incorporates a lower and upper shoe, two or more guide parts and guide part bushings.
4: Die Block:
It is a block or a plate which contains a die cavity
5: Lower Shoe:
The lower shoe of the a die set is generally mounted on the bolster plate of a press. The die block is mounted on the lower shoe, also the guide post are mounted on it.
6: Punch :
This is male component of  a die assembly, which is directly or indirectly moved by and fastened to the press ram or slide.
7: Upper Shoe:
This is the upper part of the die set which contains guide post bushings.
8: Punch Plate :
The punch plate or punch retainer fits closely over the body of the punch and holds it in proper relative position.
9: Back up Plate:
Back up plate or pressure plate is placed so that intensity of pressure does
not become excessive on punch holder. The plate distributes the pressure
over a wide area and the intensity of pressure on the punch holder is reduced
to avoid crushing.
10: Stripper:
It is a plate which is used to strip the metal strip from cutting a non-cutting
Punch or die. It may also guide the sheet.

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