Types of Drilling Jigs

Types Of Drilling Jigs:
Drilling jigs may be classified as follows:
1.     Template jig
2.     plate type jig
3.     Open type jig
4.     Channel jig
5.     Leaf Jig
6.     Box type jig
1: Template Jig:
This is the simplest type of jig; It is simply a plate made to the shape and size of the work piece; with the require number of holes made it. It is placed on the work piece and the hole will be made by the drill; which will be guided through the holes in the template plate should be hardened to avoid its frequent replacement This type of jig is suitable if only a few part are to be made.

2: Plate Type Jig:
This is an improvement of the template type of jig. In place of simple holes, drill bushes are provided in the plate to guide the drill. The work piece can be clamped to the plate and holes can be drilled. The plate jig are employed to drill holes in large parts, maintaining accurate spacing with each other.

3:Open Type Jig:
In this jig the top of the jig is open; the work piece is placed on the top.

4 Channel jig;
The channel jig is a simple type of jig having channel like cross section. The component is fitted within the channel is located and clamped by locating the knob. The tool is guided through the drill bush.

5: Leaf Jig:
It is also a sort of open type jig , in which the top plate is arrange to swing about a fulcrum point , so that it is completely clears the jig for easy loading and unloading of the work piece. The drill bushes are fitted into the plates , which is also known as leaf , latch or lid.

6: Box Type Jig:
When the holes are to drill more than one plane of the work piece , the jig has to be provided with equalant number of bush plates. For positioning jig on the machine table feet have to be provided opposite each drilling bush plate. One side of the jig will be provided with a swinging leaf for loading and unloading the work piece, such a jig would take the form of a box. Such a jig should be as light as possible. Since it will have lifted again and again. Typical figure of box type jig is shown:

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