Press Working Operations

Press Working :
Press working may be defined as, a manufacturing process by which various components are made from sheet metal. This process is also termed as cold stamping. The machine used for press working is called a press.
The main features of a press are:
·        A frame which support a ram or a slide and a bed, a source of mechanism for operating the ram in line with and normal to the bed.
·        The ram is equipped with suitable punch/punches and a die block is attached to the bed.
·        A stamping is produced by the downward stroke of the ram when the punch moves towards and into the die block.
·        The punch and die block assembly is generally termed as a “die set” or simple as the “die”
Press working operations:
The sheet metal operations done a press may be grouped into two categories.
1: Cutting operations
2: Forming operations
In cutting operations the work piece is stressed by its ultimate strength. The stresses caused in the metal the applied forces will be shear stresses. The cutting operations include:
(a) Blanking          (b) Punching        (c) Notching
(d) Perforating       (e) Trimming       (f) Shaving
(g) Slitting              (h) Lancing
In forming operations , the stresses are below the ultimate strength of the metal , in this operation , there is no cutting of the metal but only the contour of the work piece is changed to get the desired product.
The forming operations include:
(a) Bending              (b) Drawing       (c) Squeezing

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